This is Who I M

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"I am Flore M.........

M, as the 1st letter of my last name;
M, as the first letter of this word, which has rhythmed my life for over twenty years now;
M, like the imperative of this French verb which, I believe, can heal all wounds........."

Fascinated since her childhood by artists with powerful, vibrant and emotional kind of voices, she was 13 when discovered her own voice while singing a capella Gospels and NegroSpirituals in the neighborhood of Hautepierre, in Strasbourg (France).

If, historically, NegroSpirituals, Gospel and Blues are Soul's ancestors, on Flore M's artistic path, it actually is Soul which becomes Blues & Spiritual, both by the messages sang than by some arrangements played.

Author, composer, performer, Flore M offers a powerful, vibrant and emotional kind of voice, grooving on a music that she likes to call "Blues & SoulSpiritual" and whose message is anchored in every emotions, experiences and beliefs that nourish and make her grow as an artist.

A talent to discover, a moment of pure pleasure in a world as sensible and sensual as dynamic and genuine.

This is Who I M – The 8 tracks E.P.


Flore M delivers us This is Who I M", her very 1st EP inspired by the rhythms that defines her : Gospel, Blues & Soul.

In this Live EP, made up of 8 songs, the highly sensitive artist tells us the wonderful initiatory course of her first steps into the world of music, the beginning of her "second life".

«In a Soul Music register, interpreting her own creations, she succeeded to share passion and emotions taking within her musical universe all the audience.» ‐ DNA

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Help Me

Do My Thing

L’Enfant dans tes Bras

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Flore was 13 when, thanks to her elder brothers, she discovered Gospel Music in 1998 with the High Rock Gospel Singers (1st Gospel Choir in Alsace - France), then directed by Pastor Frederic Setodzo. With four choir colleagues from the High Rock Gospel Singers, Flore wants to invest more in her music. Together, they created the quintet The Five Sisters with which they will travel the Alsatian scenes for almost seven years and will participate in the musical program X Factor broadcast on M6 in 2011. Whether in concerts or opening for artists such as Jean Carpenter and Craig Adams, the quintet allows Flore to flourish through her passion that keeps on growing. In 2010, the five sisters met the group Sum Voice, the acapella band, whose characteristic is to use the voice as one and only instrument, single vector of emotions. It is for Flore the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, discovery of the extent of her vocal abilities and her first encounter with the music business. From now on, the work is accurate, meticulous and daily. In 2011, after 13 years of music within groups, Flore challenges herself and participates to the New Soul Contest (1st Soul competition in Eastern France) organized by the association Les Sons d'la Rue. This first solo appearance ends with a victory that reinforces the young woman with the idea that alone or accompanied, the stage is where she belongs. It took her nearly two years to completely get involve in her music. A period during which her experiences, more or less painful, became melodies. Like the butterfly in its cocoon, the artist took the time to meet, accept and renew herself, thus creating a universe imbued with serenity and luminosity to share. Inspired by artists such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles or Alicia Keys, it is in 2013, alongside Michel Latour (arrangements, artistic direction) and Patrick Faller (composition) that the singer begins her new life, under the pseudonym of Flore M ...

Dans la presse

  • Des chansons souvent porteuses de message comme "This Land" qui fait allusion à "cette Terre qu'on aime, partageons-là".
    Mais le public a surtout apprécié "Help Me" dont le rythme l'a emporté.

  • Les yeux étaient rivés sur la beauté de la chanteuse,
    tandis que les oreilles se laissaient aller à profiter de la mélodie somptueuse provenant de la scène.

  • Cette artiste a su prouver qu'elle dispose d'un talent indéniable qui a su séduire le public.
    Dans un registre de soul music, et en interprétant ses propres créations elle a su transmettre passion, émotions en entraînant l'auditoire dans son univers musical.

Next Shows

Actually on European Tour with Sweet Soul Music GmbH and its band

Available starting April 2020 for international booking

Few previous dates :
  • 27/07/2019 : Stimmen Festival - Lörrach - GERMANY
  • 20/07/2019 : P.A.S Festival - Martorell - SPAIN
  • 18/07/2019 : Full Band line-up Show - Strasbourg - FRANCE
  • 12/09/2018 : Festival Conciertos Ferias y fiestas - Salamanca - Spain
  • 30/03/2018 : Opening for The Como Mamas - Django Reinhardt - France
  • 22/03/2017 : Festival "Blues au Cam" - Opening for Mighty Mo Rodgers - Strasbourg
  • 06/10/2016 : Feat Blockstop - Nancy Jazz Pulsation Festival
  • 29/07/2016 : Festival Clair de Nuit - Opening for Claudio Capéo - Goxwiller
  • 07/03/2016 : Opening for L.E.J - L'autre Canal - Nancy
  • 21/06/2015 : Strasbourg - Place Kléber - Music Festival - France
  • 25/04/2015 : Strasbourg - La Laiterie - France
  • Nov. 2013 : Opening for Liz Mc Comb - Cathedrale of Strasbourg - France


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